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Atif Mahmood

Atif Mahmood is the Technical Director for EMEA, the resident expert on technology and future trends.  With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Atif specialises in connectivity, applications engineering and systems engineering.  A trusted advisor to our clients identifying opportunities, risks and sharing best practice. 

Technical Director, EMEA

IT Strategy Designed for the Future

Get Practical Expertise from Targus Professionals

How can your organisation be future-ready? 

During these four webinars, we’ll address several topics related to new technology in the workplace. Our panel of experts will discuss new trends in Enterprise IT, remote and blended work, and smart IoT products. 

This four-part series focuses on how to prepare your organisation for the future, improve long-term return on investment, and plan your IT infrastructure in ways that optimise your department.

Join Our New Series of 45-Minute Webinars

Future Trends in Smart Products and IoT
Video available on-demand 
IoT and smart products are enabling even more productivity in workspaces. Learn about new technologies as they relate to your workplaces. Address key concerns to help you create a future-ready, productive environment in the coming months and years. This webinar focuses on practical actions to take that can optimize productivity in future refreshes.


Our series, Future Trends in Technology, features experts in engineering, product development, and more. You'll learn:

  • Latest trends in workplace design and how you can adapt; 
  • New changes you should prepare for in workspace technology and docking solutions; 
  • Biggest challenges many organisations face when adopting new technology in the workplace; 
  • How business leaders can justify impact and return on spend; and 
  • Key steps you can take now to begin preparing for these new trends.

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Webinar Time zones:

13:30 PM (India) |  14:30 PM (Myanmar)
15:00 PM (Thailand/ Indonesia / Vietnam/ Cambodia)
16:00 PM (Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Malaysia/ China/ Taiwan/ Philippines)
17:00 PM (Korea/ Japan)

Our new webinar series, Future Trends in Technology, will discuss new trends in enterprise IT, remote and blended work, and smart IoT products to improve productivity, increase ROI, and reduce support complexity. This four-part series includes: 

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Angus Hui

Angus is the Senior Product Manager at Targus. With over 15 years of experience in Consumer Electronics industry,  he is the regional category leader on Technology Solutions who owns the NPD and product marketing in Asia Pacific. Understanding the delicate balance of communication and technology to maximise productivity was paramount to ensuring the success of his projects.

Senior Product Manager, APAC

Future Trends in Connectivity and 5G
Video available on-demand 
With workforces split between home offices, remote locations, and company offices, connectivity has never been more important. In this 45-minute webinar, our engineering and development experts will guide attendees through connectivity considerations for your employees – regardless of where the work is taking place.

Future Trends in IT and Enterprise
Video available on-demand
In this 45-minute webinar, attendees will learn about the future of enterprise IT and technology needs from engineering and development experts. Learn how the pandemic, financial concerns, and remote work have affected IT strategy and needs for 2021 and beyond.

Future Trends in Remote/ Blended Work
Video available on-demand
How does blended work and remote work affect technology needs? Our expert panel tackles the biggest concerns for IT leaders around remote and blended work environments. As companies begin returning to work, we’ll address concerns for the blended workforce and keeping employees productive at home and in blended environments.